Principal spreads joy through daily jokes


Jadyn Stack, Writer

Every student and staff member at LCM High School has grown accustomed to hearing principal Ryan DuBose’s “Joke of the Day” following the daily morning announcements. This practice of sharing a joke and a laugh has become a tradition over the past few years and one that all students and staff look forward to every morning.

With the ongoing quarantine and suspension of school due to COVID-19, DuBose has not stopped making others laugh with his daily jokes. He has started posting them via Twitter with a daily video, offering the same joy to students even when not physically at the school.

I felt like the Joke of the Day would add some type of normality for students since it was something that I did every day when we were still at the school,” DuBose said. “Also, I think it provides some humor to a stressful situation.”

Aside from spreading laughter, DuBose said he hopes to gain relationships with the students through his jokes. Some students submit jokes and some are able to feel comfortable speaking to the principal. He considers it extremely important to create relationships with the students and get to know them.

I want to get to know every student on a personal level,” DuBose said. “I strive to learn every student’s name and what they are interested in. I got into education to make a difference and you can’t make enough of an impact behind your desk all day. You have to be seen and students have to know that you have their best interests at heart.”

The spread of COVID-19 has greatly affected every student and faculty member at the school, but DuBose is doing his best to make sure students are still getting the best education, even when he is also personally affected by all of the changes.

I’m such a ‘people’ person that social distancing has been a bummer, but a necessity,” DuBose said. “It’s been difficult to try to find solutions for so many questions and not knowing exactly where to begin. It has been stressful, but I am committed to finding an answer that is fair to the students and staff of LCM.”

Though there may be more changes in the future, DuBose wants the students to know that the faculty members are doing whatever possible to help them during this time. He will continue to share his jokes via Twitter in the hopes of bringing a sense of normalcy to everyone amidst the chaos occurring around them.

“I just hope it sheds some positivity and laughter on this unique situation we are in,” DuBose said. “We are all in this together and we are going to get through it. I know that we’ve taken a few punches, but we aren’t knocked down, yet. We are still in the business of making people jealous. We are the Battlin’ Bears!”

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