Bear of the Week: Judith Hernandez


Emily Day

Junior Judith Hernandez enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Emily Day, Social Media Editor

Junior Judith Hernandez is involved in UIL Computer Science, Computer Applications, track, and tennis. She also enjoys watching “The Blind Side” and “Dragon Ball.” In her free time, she calls her mom, studies Portuguese, draws, or reads.

Her favorite quote is by Jorge Luis Borges: “Each person that comes into our lives is unique. They will always leave a bit of themselves and take a bit of ourselves. There will be the ones that will take too much, but there will be none that will not leave something. This is evident proof that two souls don’t find each other by coincidence.”

According to Hernandez, the most important things in her life are her mother and siblings. She admires her mom the most because she is the strongest and smartest person she knows. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would choose to visit Sharm El Luli Beach in Marsa Alam, Egypt.