Teacher to lead trip to Japan

Shaleigh Hebert, Writer

Science teacher and Key Club adviser Woody Cox will be leading a trip to Japan through EF Tours during June of 2021. To reserve a spot, the trip requires a $95 non-refundable deposit. There are currently 10 people included in the travel group; however, those interested are still encouraged to join or find out more information. 

According to Cox, his experience as a parent chaperone on two previous trips and his reputation as a teacher qualified him to lead the trip. Because of prior travels, his is familiar with ER Tour trips. 

“I have taken several EF Tour trips in the US,” Cox said. “I knew they offered international trips and I went to Japan in 2003 with 599 other US teachers as part of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teachers program.” 

The earliest departure date is June 10, 2021 followed by the latest return date on June 28. Students, parent(s), guardians, and adults without children can purchase and travel to Japan. 

“It’s both educational and leisure,” Cox said. “I have adults attending that do not have children traveling with us.”

Those considering traveling to Japan: Land of the Rising Sun should contact Cox for further details. Students interested can stop by his room, number 110, for more specific information. 

“They may contact me in class, via email, text, or by calling me,” Cox said. “They can also visit the EF Tour website at www.eftours.com/enroll and enter the tour code 2294280ZC.”