Bear of the Week: Semma’ Alhatri


Emily Day

Junior Semma’ Alhatri is involved in numerous organizations and is a member of the soccer team.

Jadyn Stack, Writer

The Bear of the Week is junior Semma’ Alhatri. Alhtri is very involved in school activities and embodies the school’s hope for positivity through the halls. 

Alhatri is involved with soccer, Key Club, Grizzly Crew, and is an all honors student at the school. She is an outgoing, kind-hearted junior and wishes to spread happiness to those around her.  

Alhatri looks up to those who have wisdom that cannot be found in books, but are found through life experiences like her uncle and teacher Jeff Collier. She also looks up to those who are loving and peaceful to those around them. Alhatri hopes to promote happiness in the same way. 

She enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and going to the gym. Morals, family and friends, and spreading joy are some of the most important parts of her life. 

Alhatri hopes to become a doctor one day and to have no regrets in life. She hopes that whenever she interacts with people, she makes a positive impact on them, and that she can form a happy memory for them. 

According to teacher Woody Cox, Alhatri is “dependable, faithful, and sincere.”