Holland and McCollum crowned at Homecoming


Mandalyn Lewallen

Seniors Ethan McCollum and Avery Holland were crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

Jadyn Stack and Emily Day

Battlin’ Bear Stadium was full of people on the edge of their seats waiting for the big announcement of who won Homecoming King and Queen at the football game against Huffman High School on Oct. 25.  

After school-wide voting was held in the days leading up to Homecoming, seniors Ethan McCollum and Avery Holland were announced as the King and Queen.

“It felt pretty good to win,” McCollum said. “I felt honored. The best part about winning was knowing all of my friends were happy and proud of me.” 

Ethan credits his family and upbringing for his achievements and looks up to his father most of all.  

“My dad is a very strong man and he keeps his same character through everything,” he said. 

McCollum is involved in multiple sports programs at the high school and is a goofy, kind, and energetic individual. McCollum is a familiar face at the high school that is well-known for his caring and friendly demeanor. 

“I think that the most important trait of a Homecoming queen or king is someone that’s kind to everyone and a likable person,” McCollum said. “I like to think that I’m outgoing and I try to be nice to everyone. I think that helped me become king.” 

Senior Avery Holland was crowned queen and would like to thank everyone that voted for her.

“It’s an amazing feeling to think that so many people think that I deserve the crown,” Holland said. “I’m honored.”

Holland’s older brothers, Jeffrey and Tommy, were each crowned LCM Homecoming King their respective senior years.

“I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have happened,” Holland said. “My brothers and I kind of keep score with each other so it balances out, but I’m really happy that I was able to carry on the tradition.”

Holland said she looks up to her mother the most. According to Holland, her mother was handed a tough set of cards and still managed to find a way to be on top, all while raising kids.

“Obviously, it’s amazing that so many people thought I deserved to be queen, but it’s also nice that I didn’t end up being the one kid in my family that didn’t win,” Holland said. “Now my brothers can’t make fun of me.” 

Holland said she tries very hard to be a friend to everyone and hopes that others view her as kind. She plans on attending the University of Texas at Austin for business school and hopes to become an accountant.

“A homecoming Queen should be a person that goes out of their way to be kind to everyone,” Holland said. “If you’re a positive person that is capable of being nice and friendly with everyone, I think you’re the perfect candidate for queen.”