Sophomore shares musical talents


Sydney Bowman

Sophomore Matthew Billeaud has his own Sound Cloud account.

Makayla Henderson, Writer

Sophomore Matthew Billeaud has been making music since he was 11 years old. Now that he has become more confident in his own shoes and his musical career, he has decided to share his music with his fellow students.

“I was first inspired to start making music after I discovered a band called Yes,” Billeaud said. “Most of my musical inspirations include bands of the progressive rock era of the ’70s.”

He is not the only one in his house that has these musical talents. According to Billeaud, everyone in his house is musically talented in some way, especially his older brother.

Billeaud even has his own Sound Cloud account which consists of dozens of songs that he has spent hours on end developing and composing, and that he wishes to share with others. His Sound Cloud tracks can be found at: He even made tiny flyers with his Sound Cloud information that he has been posting around school.

“The usual process of creating a song involves a long period of trying new ideas before one sticks,” Billeaud said. “All of the music I make is made in a program.”

He insists that the only wish he has for his music is that people will enjoy it and discuss it. He hopes to take his career even further in the future and go into a profession involving music.