Health team to host flu vaccination clinic

Health team to host flu vaccination clinic

Elaina Forester, Writer

The high school will host a flu vaccination clinic on Nov. 6 that will be available to students and staff members. Though the date for this clinic is set, a specific time has not yet been released.

“We don’t currently have an assigned time for our campus,” high school nurse Jeannie Alexander said“We will announce it once we do.” 

The company that is providing this clinic will be offering their services to other campuses in the area. They are experienced in giving vaccines on school grounds. 

“The company running the clinic is called Aurora Concepts from Center,” Alexander said. 

The health team decided as a whole that it would be important to provide these vaccines to students. 

“The flu shot is the most effective way to prevent illness caused by the flu virus,” Alexander said. “We decided it would be beneficial to offer it to students.” 

In order to receive this vaccine, there are few requirements that have been put into place by the CDC. 

“The CDC recommends all people six months of age and older to get this vaccine, with rare exception,” Alexander said. 

Although there aren’t many reported cases of serious side effects regarding this vaccine, people who are receiving this shot are at risk of minor side effects. 

“The flu vaccine can occasionally cause side effects,” Alexander said. “These include mild aches, fatigue, headache, or fever.” 

Students and staff members are encouraged to look into getting their flu vaccinations if they have not already done so.