Unique expressions

Kaila Low, Writer

Senior Tyler Foreman has been dyeing her hair since she was in fourth grade. Often doing it herself, she has dyed her own hair every “natural” color and every color of the rainbow except for yellow.

“The very first time I had ever colored my hair was in fourth grade,” Foreman said. “It was hot pink ungodly awful highlights.”

Foreman often does other people’s hair free of charge. She doesn’t like to charge people because she isn’t a professional and if she or the other person has the dye then no money is involved. Right now, she sports what she claims is the craziest hairstyle she has ever had which is half blonde, half black, channeling her “inner Cruella Deville.”

“Getting the back of my hair is probably the hardest part so I have my mom help me out because she knows how to do hair as well,” Foreman says. “My mom actually helped start the love I have for doing hair and having these crazy colors.”

Most people are nice about her color choices, however, people have made rude comments before.

“I have heard people say, ‘Omg what did she do to their hair?’ or people will look at me weird,” Foreman said.

Learning to be content with her hair is the one skill she wants to acquire. Changing her hair every three months and never being able to keep the dye-job for longer is something she claims she’s awful at. She never regrets her hair color ,though; every dye job is an experience for her, whether it be a learning experience or a great experience.

“If you ever want to do something different but you’re too scared, it doesn’t hurt to try because you can always go back,” Foreman said. “You’ll never know unless you do it.”