Junior featured in cheer magazine

Junior Reese Cricchio has racked up the awards throughout her cheer career.

Tishy Bryant

Junior Reese Cricchio has racked up the awards throughout her cheer career.

Emily Day, Social Media Editor

Junior Reese Cricchio has been selected by iC Cheerleading Magazine to their 19/20 iC High School All-American Team and was featured in the October issue.

Cricchio has been involved in competitive cheer for 11 years and has been a school cheerleader since 7th grade. She started at The Next Level in Bridge City at age 6 and has been at Horizons All-Stars since age 10. She is an NCA National Champion in All-star Cheer, US Finals Champion in All-Star Cheer, Battle for Texas Champion in All-star Cheer, National Champion for individual jumps, 3-time UCA Jump-Off Champion, 4-time All American and 2-time NCA Top All-American.

“This magazine was a surprise to me,” Reese said. “There was so many people who applied from across the country. I am so thankful that I was chosen for this; it means a lot to me.”

Reese has gone back and forth on whether or not she will have a future with cheer. She has considered cheering in college or possibly applying to be on NCA staff.

“This award was not just based on talent alone,” Reese’s mother and cheer coach, Brandy Cricchio, said. “This award was based on their academics, skills, extra-curricular activities outside of cheer and volunteer work.”

In a regular week, Reese has about seven hours of practice at Horizons a week, including an hour of school cheer every day.

“My coaches have inspired me the most throughout my years of cheer,” Reese said. “They have taught me way more than just cheer and have always pushed me to do my best.”

According to Reese’s mother, she is a very coachable athlete that takes critiques and advice very well.

“I am very proud of the athlete she is and how hard she works to perfect her sport,” Brandy said. “Cheer has given Reese an incredible work ethic and confidence. Cheer has proven to her if she works hard and puts in the time and effort she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. It has given her confidence to always go after her dreams, no matter the outcome.”