Student uses talent to spread school spirit


Junior Rayvyn Peveto (left) has used her artistic skills to make spirit overalls for many students, including Bear Facts staff writer Jadyn Stack (right).

Jadyn Stack, Writer

There are many talented students walking through the halls every day and one of those students has found a way to bring spirit to the school with her talent. Junior Rayvyn Peveto recently started using her artistic skills to create “spirit overalls” for students to wear on game days. She began teaching herself how to paint and draw at a young age and has developed her skills over the years. 

Peveto has sold her art in many different forms; she paints on canvas, draws, and decorates various things. She knows that being successful or talented in something takes practice and devoted time.   

“I go through phases of painting,” Peveto said. “There will be days where I paint three paintings at once and weeks where I don’t touch a painting; it just depends.”  

Persistence and continuing to work through setbacks and frustrations is a vital part of growing as an artist. Peveto has learned that persistence is key in growing one’s strengths. 

“You can’t have a bad attitude about [art]; you have to believe in yourself,” Peveto said. “You can’t go into it thinking [you can’t do it].”  

Peveto has found a way to use her art to spread school spirit in a unique way; she paints overalls for the students to show their spirit in their own way. Many students want to find new ways to show off their school spirit and these students have decided to use painted overalls to show their spirit.  

“It feels really good seeing people walk around in my artwork,” Peveto said. “If I paint on canvas, I can post it, but people walk around in my art is really cool to see.”