Bear of the Week: Gavin Fountain


Sydney Bowman

Gavin Fountain is a senior who enjoys being part of the band and playing tennis.

Sydney Bowman, Writer and Editor

Senior Gavin Fountain is an active member of the Battlin’ Bear Band and holds the position of band captain. Fountain’s favorite hobby is playing tennis. Last year, he advanced to Regionals in doubles. When Fountain gets older, he aspires to be a band director or a tennis coach. If Fountain didn’t sleep, he would spend his extra time practicing tennis or playing video games. If money and time weren’t an issue, Fountain would invest in tennis rackets and test them out one by one, and master the art of tennis.

The best life advice Fountain has ever received is to “date someone that will calm you down and be your best friend.” His favorite quote is: “Life goes on, days will get better,” spoken by his favorite musical artist, Mac Miller. Fountain’s idea of a perfect weekend is spending time with his girlfriend senior Jenna McCorvy, and seeing a movie with his friends. If Fountain could give a 40-minute presentation with no preparation, he would talk about marching band and the different styles and techniques.