Bear of the Week: Lily Riedel


Emily Day

Lily Riedel is a sophomore and a member of the choir.

Sydney Bowman, Editor

This week’s Bear of the Week is sophomore Lily Riedel. She is an active member of choir and her favorite hobby is singing. If she had the time, she would love to master how to play volleyball. If she had plenty of money, she would put it toward flying all over the world to sing, like her favorite musical artist Shawn Mendes. When she gets older, she aspires to become a dentist. Riedel’s ideal weekend includes going to the Friday night football games, then hanging out with friends.  

The best life lesson Riedel has received is that “you have to work hard to accomplish things and if at first you don’t succeed, then try again!” If Riedel were to give a 40-minute presentation with no preparation, her topic of choice would be bullying and how to properly treat others.