Quarterback leads way for Bears


Mandalyn Lewallen

Senior Ethan McCollum is the starting quarterback for the Bears.

Emily Day, Social Media Editor

Starting every game as varsity quarterback is something many young football players dream of accomplishing. For senior Ethan McCollum, this is his reality during football season.

McCollum first started playing football at age nine in the peewee division of the school’s athletic association and has since fallen in love with the sport. The dedication and hard work he puts into football is also poured into basketball and track. He plays as the center in varsity basketball and runs the 100 meter dash, 4×100 meter dash, 4×100 relay, and the 4×200 relay in varsity track.

“Most of the expectations I have encountered are the ones I have set for myself,” McCollum said. “Many of these expectations have been derived over the summer during workouts. By pushing myself to the limit every time, I expect to make myself better not only for myself but for the whole team.” 

His position comes with pressure that many would find difficult to handle along with balancing other sports, work, classes, a social life, and time with family. According to McCollum, the pressure that comes with his position on the team contributes to his drive and determination.

“The weight on my shoulders each game makes me focus on the decisions I must make for the better of my team as well as pushing me to my absolute best in the game and on the practice field,” he said.  

According to McCollum, one of his favorite post game rituals is eating at the local Whataburger. 

“Whether the game is near or far you will see me there with my teammates grabbing our post game bite as we reminisce about the game we just played,” McCollum said. 

McCollum said he sees his position as more than just a role in a game.

“The most rewarding thing about being the starting quarter back would most definitely be the way it has shaped me not only in the game of football but as a person,” McCollum said. “Being the starting quarterback means more than a position to me, for it helps me grow as a man not only logically but characteristically.”