Bears of the Week: Brennan and Jonathan Roy


Emily Day

Juniors Brennan and Jonathan Roy are involved in the Battlin’ Bear Band and UIL Academics.

Emily Day, Social Media Editor

Juniors Brennan and Jonathan Roy are active members of the Battlin’ Bear Band, Quiz Bowl, and UIL Academics. 

Brennan’s favorite hobby is playing games on his PC and he plans to be a programmer or an engineer. His favorite band is AC/DC because they are consistently good. He prefers movies over books, and enjoys documentaries and action movies. According to Brennan, his favorite life saying is, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” because you can always improve your situation by changing your outlook. 

Jonathan ‘s favorite artists are Tyler, The Creator and Joji, and his favorite thing to do is biking while listening to a podcast. According to Jonathan, one of his biggest role models is Terry Morris because of his positive outlook on life. If he had to give a 40-minute presentation on any subject with no preparation, he would choose Ancient Greece’s mythology.