Foreign exchange student adapts to life at LCM


Sydney Bowman

Sophomore Claudia Perez is from Spain and is enjoying her time at LCM.

Sydney Bowman and Elaina Forester

Sophomore Claudia Perez is a foreign exchange student from Spain who has quickly adapted to the way of life and culture here in America. One of her favorite things about LCM is the people she has met. 

 Q: What’s the biggest difference in LCM from your previous school? 

A: ”That in my school of Spain, the classes cannot be chosen.” 

Q: What made you decide to become a foreign exchange student? 

A: “For my cousin – she was a student last year and she loved it.” 

Q: Who is your host family? 

A: “Keith and Sherri Barclay and [senior] Kylee Perry” 

Q: Would you consider coming back to America? 

A: “Yes, why not?”