Bear of the Week: Avery Holland


Grace Tally

Senior Avery Holland is captain of the varsity soccer team and enjoys reading in her spare time.

Grace Tally, Managing Editor

Senior Avery Holland is the Bear of the Week. Her favorite hobby is reading. ‘’It gives a person a greater appreciation of the world and other people,’’ Holland said. Avery’s biggest role model is her band director, Jose Ochoa. Holland said he strives to make an amazing program that betters the lives of everyone involved. 

Later in life, Avery hopes to be an accountant. The best life advice Holland has ever been given is to spend the day chasing your dreams – never somebody else’s. If she could learn any hobby, it would be baking and being able to create amazing desserts all by herself.

If Holland had to give a 40-minute presentation without any preparation, she would talk on why tolerance and acceptance is so vital to our society. ‘’This is something a lot of people still struggle with,’’ Holland said. ‘’People don’t see how detrimental their judgement can be on another person.’’