Junior creates new book club

Katlyn Owens, Writer

Junior Mason Grizzaffi is starting a book club and librarian Charlette Roddy is the sponsor of the club. Grizzaffi said he decided to start the club because he loves books and wanted to help more people get into reading. 

Club activities will include discussing good books to read and community projects to promote reading. 

“I’m just ready to have fun with other people that have a love for books and to help the community with projects that involved reading,” Grizzaffi said. 

 Grizzaffi does not plan for the club to read many books as a whole, but members are free to share books with one another and learn more about each other. 

“I think that the club will do tremendously well,” Grizzaffi said. “I’m very excited to start our club’s grand adventure.” 

Grizzaffi’s favorite author is Brandon Mull, because he wrote the first series he fell in love with. His favorite book is “Dune,” his favorite series is “Percy Jackson,” and his favorite genre is young adult fiction. 

According to Grizzaffi, his favorite book quote is, “The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”