Senior prepares for transition to college


Jadyn Stack, Writer

Daisy Sutton is a senior who chose to take on the challenge of transitioning from small town life to the larger college town, Texas A&M University. Many people living in small towns are around the same family, friends, and people constantly. However, a select few choose to step out of the comfort of the standard they are accustomed to and take on the challenge of a new way of life. 

“It’ll be hard to leave and have to learn to do thing on my own, but I’m mostly excited. I’m excited to learn and experience new things,” Sutton said. 

Living in a small town has taught Sutton many important life lessons. As a yearbook editor, Honey Bear Captain, and a student involved in activities around the school, one of the many lessons Sutton has learned is the ability to use her time effectively and productively.  

“All the college classes offered at (Little Cypress) really hit me hard. They forced me to learn to really plan things out,” Sutton said. 

Daily life in her small hometown includes many of the same people, places, and things. However, Sutton said that her hometown has taught her the value and importance of kindness, even in small acts.  

“Big cities don’t really think about the small acts of kindness,” she said. “I want to be that person to do those acts of kindness.”