Students rack up awards at State UIL

The Computer Science team brought home first place at the State UIL meet.

The Computer Science team brought home first place at the State UIL meet.

Shaleigh Hebert, Writer

Several students got the chance to compete at the Academic UIL  State meet in Austin earlier this month. Nine individuals and three teams competed, which gave LCM a total of 56 points – enough to finish in 8th place overall.

The individuals that competed are: Jackson Baeza in Current Issues (12th)Tyler Comeaux in Number Sense (21stand Computer Applications (12th), Derrick Martin in Computer Science (eighth) and Math (14th), Nick Mugleston in Computer Science (third), Dajhuan Myles in Computer Science (sixth) and Math (10th), Darian Simmons in Feature Writing (third) Lovejot Singh in Computer Science (18th), Math (17th), and Number Sense (14th), Sukhjot Singh in Math (sixth) and Number Sense (10th), and Aidan Watson in Number Sense (fourth).  

According to senior Darian Simmons, making it to State was exciting. She also said simply competing at State and actually placing at State are two completely different experiences, although they are both big accomplishments. Since she has never advanced that far in UIL, she said it was a new and memorable experience.

“Placing third was overwhelming and I’m glad I was able to push myself to that point,” Simmons said. “However, I am sad that I only recently joined because now I will not be able to compete next year. But, I am rooting for everyone that does!” 

The teams that competed were: Computer Science (first) including Derrick Martin, Nick MuglestonDajhuan Myles, and Lovejot Singh, coached by Terry Morris. Number Sense (third) including Aidan Watson, Tyler Comeaux, Lovejot Singh and Suhkjot Singh, coached by Ricky Ryan. Math (fourth) including Derrick Martin, Nick MuglestonDajhuan Myles and Suhkjot Singh, also coached by Ricky Ryan. 

The Academic State meet will continue with speech events on May 2930 at the University of Texas. Scores earned will be added to the school’s total points.  

Students to compete later this month are Ashlyn Ellis and Eli Ridout in Prose, Kiera Figgins in LD Debate and Persuasive Speaking, Lucas Ridout in Poetry, and Matthew Sherwin in Informative Speaking.