Bass team competes in tournament


The bass team has seen much success this year.

Sydney Bowman, Copy Editor

Just recently, the Bass Team competed in a fishing tournament at Toledo Bend and finished 71st out of 532 teams. 

Sophomore Dakota Posey has set high goals for himself this season. Last season, Posey placed 15th in nationals out of 337 teams around the world and aims to place even higher this season. 

“My goal for this year is to win first in a tournament,” Posey said. “I’ve been close a couple times and that really pushes me. My other goal is to make it back to nationals. Nationals was probably the most fun I’ve had.” 

As of right now, sophomore Spencer Brister and his partner are in first place for LCM. According to Brister, it’s more about the experience than it is about winning. 

“There’s so much you can take from bass fishing, for example, it can be 18 degrees or over 100 degrees but as long as you can beat it mentally, you usually do okay,” Brister said. “Working hard and staying committed to a task is very important in anything.” 

According to junior Brielle Butler, the best part about Bass Team is going out and having a good competition while also having a good time. 

“I like to listen to music which helps a lot with time and motivation,” Butler said. “My dad is a big motivator too.” 

It takes a lot of patience, dedication and focus to be successful on the bass team, according to Posey. 

“I think to be successful on the Bass Team means to always do the best you can,” Brister said. “Just work as hard as you can and most importantly, always learn something no matter how good or bad you do.”