Writer has memorable weekend at RYLA


Photo courtesy of Jadyn Stack

Writer expresses the things she learned and appreciated at RYLA.

Jadyn Stack, Writer

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself: the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. The gathering of Rotary members, volunteers, and Interact club members brought so many hard workers and leaders together into one excitement-filled campground. RYLA was a weekend full of activities that taught team bonding, working together, and self-building. Through these activities and experiences, there were so many people I met and spent time with that made such a difference in my life in only a three-day time period. 

There are so many uplifting and positive people around you on the weekend spent at the campground. The first day you meet people, it may be a bit unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Although, in the numerous people you meet every day, you will find that every one of them engages in conversation and is interested in talking to you to build a better friendship. At the beginning of the trip you may be surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but by the third day, you’re surrounded by friends. 

The leaders and counselors involved during the weekend were extremely encouraging and always there for any of your needs. These people care about you and your life. They are there to help, and they make that fact very prominent. Each counselor has only the best intentions for the students and their positive demeanor is truly inspiring. 

Every meal, assembly, and day is filled with chants and positive messages. There are daily chants to engage the students and create a comfortable and accepting atmosphere. By the end of the weekend, there may be a couple dozen chants and sayings playing over and over in your head, but remembering the way they were learned makes you remember the lessons and happiness found in those memories. 

A weekend full of positivity, lessons, chants, friends, and overall business made for not only an unforgettable weekend but a significant one. Every person who attended this event would have the same response when asked about it. If you’re ever given the chance, you should definitely attend.