Bear of the Week: John Paul Sulak


Trinity Norwood

Sophomore John Paul Sulak is this week's Bear of the Week.

Steven Williams, Writer

Sophomore John Paul Sulak is an active participant in Boy Scouts, choir, Key Club, and Meet In The Middle. Sulak always tries to be the person who makes people laugh by continuously wanting to put a smile on someone’s face.

He feels as though music is a sense of comfort and inspiration. One instrument he would enjoy learning how to play is the guitar. He spends his free time playing the piano or playing with his dog. Sulak has a strong passion for Star Wars and The Inheritance Cycle, yet doesn’t watch TV often. He stated that he would love to go to the Australian Outback to look at the stars in the night sky. According to Sulak, the three most important things to him are God, his girlfriend and his family. One of the people that he looks up to the most is his older sister Caitlyn.