Writer cherishes true friendships


Erika Cook

Junior staff writer Jadyn Stack cherishes her friendships.

Jadyn Stack

There seems to be only one thing that all people who have been through school can agree on; you realize who your true friends are in high school. Through all the hardships, difficulties, upsets, and changes, there are few people who will stick with you through any and all that will be thrown your way, and those are the ones who mean the most in the long run of life. 

There may be those people you have known since you met them in swimming lessons in Pre-K, those who will stay by your side through thick and thin no matter what. You may not talk to them all the time, but as soon as you do, it’s like you haven’t lost touch ever since you met them. These are the forever people in your life, who you can always have the assurance to know that if you need them, they are there to fall back on no matter what. 

At some point of a high-schooler’s life, there are lost friendships. There are those that come into your life and become your closest friend; you trust them enough to tell them anything. These friends will always hold a special place in your heart, but life unfolds in the most unexpected ways. Whether you lose the friendship due to a fight, a disagreement, or even simply distancing over time, the lost friendship is one that you will look back upon and reminisce over the good times had with that person. No matter what caused the loss of closeness, you will hope their life is going well. 

Many people will walk into your life and walk out soon after. Few people take time to form a bond and relationship in the time allowed them. Those that stay and choose to be a part of the hardships and difficulties are the ones that will prove to mean the most in your life. These friendships often form out of a struggle that a person goes through and for that reason these are the most meaningful friendships. These are the people that will remain by your side through any struggle life throws your way and remain in your life.  

In my opinion, it is very important to learn and grow from forming relationships, even in high school. However, along with the mess that is high school, there are many hidden blessings to be found. True friendships, lessons, and self-progression are only a few of the blessings found in high school. Though surprising, the largest blessing to be found is both the friendships lost and the friendships found.