LCM alum strives to make difference


Photo courtesy of Connor Alexander

Connor Alexander (fourth from the left), along with some of his closest friends, founded a non-profit organization called SCORE Athletics.

Shaleigh Hebert, Writer

LCM alumnus Connor Alexander impacted others daily in a positive way while in high school and has not stopped since graduating in 2017.

Alexander now attends the University of Texas in Austin and is a government and journalism double major with a business minor in marketing and management. Alexander plans on pursuing a career that is founded in serving other people well. 

“Specifically, I want to pursue a career in public service,” Alexander said. “I see myself graduating from UT, earning a master’s degree in Global Policy from the UT LBJ School of Public Affairs, and working in American diplomacy at the Department of State.” 

Currently, Alexander works in State Representative Dade Phelan’s Capitol office, managing constituent casework and preparing for the upcoming legislative session. He is also a communicative and writing intern at the US Department of Veteran Affairs and the Director of Strategic Outreach for UT Student Government. 

Alexander is also the founder and CEO of SCORE Athletics, a non-profit located in the Austin area and works with a team of six of his best friends with a mission to travel to under-resourced elementary schools and mentor kids through athletics. 

“SCORE is definitely my biggest time commitment,” Alexander said. “I am the CEO of our organization, so my job is to manage and be the face of the company. That involves me being in constant contact with my team and with business and individuals in Austin in order to develop partnerships and secure donations effectively.” 

SCORE fully provides its schools with the equipment, resources, and coaches necessary to engage the kids in an after-school team-sports program. According to Alexander, the program utilizes UT student volunteers as coaches and enables role models and mentors to invest in the kids’ lives over the course of nine weeks.

“All of us at SCORE are incredibly passionate about the pivotal role that team sports has played in our own lives as an avenue for us to learn fundamental values such as teamwork, drive, and leadership,” Alexander said. “We want our kids to have the same chance to learn the same skills.” 

Alexander said that Austin has the fastest growing poverty concentration of any of the top 100 metro cities in America. Children that live in these environments grow up without the same opportunities that other kids have to participate in after-school sports programs.

“Throughout their lives, these kids have been over-promised and under-served,” Alexander said. “We hope you will join us in our mission to serve, mentor, and encourage these kids in transformative ways, empowering them to achieve greatness and ensuring they have someone to support them along the way.”

In the summer of 2018, Alexander interned on Capitol Hill in House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady’s office, a representative of the Eight District of Texas. He got the opportunity to go through an application and interview process during the Spring semester.  

“I had the opportunity to learn in an exciting, hands-on way during my time on the Hill,” Alexander said. “Mainly, I wrote policy memos, attended briefings, sat in on meetings, and drafted press releases.” 

I’m just here for the ride.”

Alexander also reached out to foreign embassies, governmental agencies, and individuals to talk about their perspective on policy, legislation, and American diplomacy. 

“Through this approach, I was able to meet the French Ambassador at his black-tie Bastille Day gala, meet officials from the Departments of Defense and State, talk with distinguished legislators, learn alongside some of the most respected staffers and professionals on the Hill, and meet interns my age from countries like Switzerland, Spain, and France,” Alexander said. “All the while, I was able to work in the best office and with the best people on the Hill. It was an incredible experience to say the least.” 

According to Alexander, his goals are not based on his success or ambition, but to be the best servant to others that he can be. He feels that public service and diplomacy are the best avenues for him to utilize his talents and gifts. 

“I’m just here for the ride,” Alexander said. “There’s nothing like seeing someone’s face light up with a smile because you were able to help them. I hope I get to see that smile flash across a few more faces during my life.”