Nurse makes transition to teaching


Trinity Norwood

Tara Parsons is the new Health Science teacher.

Karly Ray, Writer

Kids talking, pens clicking, and an abundance of school spirit are all part of the new environment that health science teacher Tara Parsons will be adjusting to this year, as she makes the transition from nurse to teacher.

Before becoming a teacher, Parsons previously worked at St. Elizabeth Hospital and Daily Green Family Health. Currently, she teaches Health Science Theory, Principles of Health Science, Pharmacology, and World Health Research. So far, she said she is loving all of her classes.

“My favorite part of this year so far has been meeting my students and getting to know them,” Parsons said.

Parsons said she is ready to inspire her students to join the medical field and help them become successful leaders within their future careers.

“My goal for teaching this year is to help students become more familiar with the medical field,” Parsons said. “I enjoy seeing my students succeed at new skills. They get excited when they finally ‘get’ how to do something, such as taking a blood pressure.”

According to Parsons, she is most excited about the experiences she will have as a teacher. Since she has lived in this community her entire life, she said she feels like she belongs in the district and wants to teach as long as she can.

“I want to be the kind of teacher that my students are excited to come to my class, and that they feel like they can talk to me about anything,” Parsons said. “I’ll always be here to listen.”