New adventure movie ‘Rampage’ shows true friendship


“Rampage” is an amazing adventure filled movie that is definitely a must-see.

Karly Ray, Writer

“Rampage” is a cool sci-fi/adventure movie that was released recently that is a little bit based off of the 80’s video game with the same name of the movie by Midway Games. A primatologist and his best friend, an albino gorilla he rescued when he was younger who has mutated, help stop two other wild animals who have also been mutated from an experiment that had gone wrong.

The first time I saw this movie, I loved it. It’s both sad and comical at different times, and just when I thought I was about to cry at the end, it ended happily. It had a good plot and also showed how some humans have a really strong connection or friendship with animals, which I think is awesome.

It starts out by showing the experiment that went wrong and introduces the characters, their bonds to each other, and some of the stories to how they got to where they are. The movie then shows the animals mutating, how it affects them, and how the world and people are reacting to it. The primatologist and a fired scientist try to stop the animals. In the end, the primatologist tries to work together with the albino gorilla to save the world.

I am also very happy with the cast that they picked out for this movie. Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is a very funny actor and is one of the main characters that made the movie give me a laugh. Another actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was another good part about the movie since he’s one of my favorite actors, also. The other actors really made the movie even better too, because they portrayed the character’s feelings and actions really well.

The best part of the movie was at the end when it shows how strong a bond can be between a person and an animal, and they worked together as a team. I like how it also shows how people can change even if you think they won’t, or how people aren’t who they seem to be. Teamwork and trust was a big key to the movie and it was amazing seeing how the characters reacted to different things.

I really recommend “Rampage” because it is an awesome, funny, and cool movie with lots of adventure and I really think you should watch it whenever you can. I really enjoyed it and it’s probably one of my favorite movies now and I hope that soon it will be one of your favorites too.