Senior signs to play college softball


Kayla Dominguez

Senior Jonee' Villanueva signs to play softball for Coastal Bend College.

Emily Glover, Writer

Now that high school is coming to a close for some students, attending a college is one option that sparks an interest in many. Although, not everyone receives an award to do so. However, senior Jonee’ Villanueva has recently signed a softball scholarship to attend Coastal Bend College located in Beeville, Texas. She will start school this fall and will finally be able to achieve her dream of playing college softball.

Villanueva has the career goal of being the best possible player she can absolutely be. She accepted this scholarship on behalf of the coach, who she believes is very knowledgeable in his profession. She additionally sees herself being able to prosper not only as a player, but also as a person.

“This scholarship is really a blessing,” Villanueva said. “Everything happens for a reason. I’m going to follow God’s lead and give my upmost to repay him.”

In spite of her not putting as much effort in as she would of liked these past two years, Villanueva has learned from her mistakes. She is determined to never give less than 100 percent ever again for any workout, practice or game. She states she has had to grow up as a player, humble herself to see that this game is not guaranteed, and realize that there aren’t any handouts. She says she has had to make it easy for her mother by having her school paid for, so she did whatever it took to make that happen. Villanueva is striving to work with great effort in order to make her family proud.

“I believe I deserve this scholarship because of all of the extra work, late nights, and overtime I’ve put behind it,” Villanueva said. “I told myself I was going to play college softball, and I worked hard to make that happen.”

Her biggest role model through this stage of her life has been her big sister. She was the one who introduced Villanueva to the game, and gave her the mentoring that she needed. Villanueva says that she was so blessed to have someone so talented to watch her, her entire life and still does to this day.

“My teammates and coaches have helped by believing in me,” Villanueva said. “They kept me up. My teammates have made me love this sport. My coaches have seen what I couldn’t see in myself. They worked me hard and stayed on me, though at the time I didn’t always understand. I trusted them, and I am where they’ve always told me I could be; living my childhood dream by playing college ball.”