Bear of the Week: Cafeteria Staff


Ashten Higginbotham

The LCM High School cafeteria staff works hard every day for the students. .

Kayla Dean, Writer

Everyone knows their face, but not everyone knows their name; behind the scenes of the high school cafeteria is something many students take for granted or have very little knowledge about. These school superheroes are the lovely ladies that prepare and serve our meals every day.

The cafeteria staff is made up of 12 dedicated women who put their all into making sure every student and staff member is fed and happy while watching the students grow up from the sidelines.

“I have many beautiful memories with the kids getting to see them every day and watching them grow,” cashier and prep cook Gerta Rafeedie said. “They’re all very sweet and respectful to me! I love them all.”

These wonderful ladies spend all day around students, watching as they get older and turn into young men and women, so its always flattering when those previous students remember them later down the road.

“Some of my favorite memories are when the students remember you years after they graduate,” cashier Tammy LeBert said.

Many of the cafeteria staff members have been working for the school for many years, some even decades, making them almost like a family. They rely on one another and support each other whenever things get too busy or when an emergency occurs. And after this year, having to share a kitchen with three other schools, they all have grown stronger as a unit and plan to come back bigger and better next with their new kitchen equipment and menu.

“I have to say the construction period showed us how much we had each other’s backs and how we can do anything thrown our way,” prep cook Kristy Miller said.