Bear of the Week: Caylee Aleman


Trinity Norwood

Sophomore Caylee Aleman enjoys studio dance and being part of the school dance team.

Jadyn Stack, Writer

Caylee Aleman is a sweet, hard-working, sophomore full of school spirit and radiance. She is a helping hand and friend to anyone in need and is constantly on the search for the opportunity to spread her joy to the people around her. Aleman is involved in the school drill team and studio dance.

Aleman’s biggest role model is her mother because she is very successful and kind. Aleman finds motivation in the fear of failure and one day wishes to become a historian for the Museum of National History in New York. If she were given the opportunity, Aleman would go to Ireland to visit the castles and scenery. Aleman would describe herself as an old soul and is constantly shining her light of joy on everyone around her.

Grades and dance are very important factors in her life; she said she prioritizes grades, along with her passion for dance, because grades can make or break her future. Aleman takes three dance classes at Lorna Badon School of Fine Arts and has been involved with the school drill team for two years.