Bear of the Week: Jaleciya Angelle


Trinity Norwood

Freshman Jojo Angelle is a member of the track team and enjoys making people laugh.

Brice Sylestine, Writer

Freshman Jaleciya Angelle, known to her friends and family as “Jojo,” is a fun-loving person who enjoys hanging out with friends, making others laugh, and doing hair. Other people would likely describe her as a nice person, very funny, and very loving. She is involved in track, where she throws the discus.

Outside of school, one can find Angelle doing yard work for her grandma or shopping with friends. In ten years, she sees herself owning her own hair salon, “Jojo’s Beauty Shop.”

According to Angelle, the best part of her day is going to her Journalism 1 class. Three things she can’t live without are her family, friends, and her phone.