Former editor pursues journalism career


Photo from Morgan Collier

Former editor Morgan Collier aspires to have a career in journalism one day.

Sydney Bowman, Writer

It’s not easy being a college student. Then when work and extracurricular activities get thrown into the mix, it can be that much harder. For LCM alumnus and current Lamar University junior Morgan Collier, staying busy is all in a day’s work.

She will be on her way to Florida in less than two months to start an internship with the Disney College Program and juggles a multitude of activities daily. From writing and taking pictures to running her own YouTube channel, Collier has already built quite the resume during her two and a half years at Lamar.

After graduating from LCM in 2015, Collier went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis in journalism. Her interest in journalism began when she was in high school, where she served as the editor of the online campus newspaper.

“I will forever be grateful for the start I got in high school,” Collier said. “I definitely would not be where I am today without my start with The Bear Facts. I miss the closeness of the [high school] staff.” 

According to Collier, her time at Lamar has given her limitless opportunities to learn writing and communication skills, and she is always challenging herself to improve her writing skills.

“I have not only become a better journalist, but it’s also helped me grow as a person,” Collier said. “Each publication I write for offers me a new experience and each one teaches me something new.” 

When she isn’t busy brainstorming her next big story, Collier is occupied by a “street team” called LU Now, which tries to think of creative ways to get Lamar students involved with events on campus. In her free time, she said she likes to explore new places and take pictures and videos.

“I have a YouTube channel that is all about life and travel,” Collier said. “It’s called Morgan & More and it is meant to be a creative outlet for myself to inspire others, but it is also a hub for vlogging out the places I get the chance to travel to.” 

According to Collier, she was not always the social butterfly she is now. While talking to people and interviewing them in high school was not really her strong suit, it is now something she has grown accustomed to. Now she feels that the best thing students can do is meet new people.

“My advice for up and coming journalists, and really to anybody who wants to be successful, is network,” she said. “Meet new people and learn new things from them along the way.”