Bear of the Week: Katie Arabie


Lindsey Fruge

Senior Katie Arabie has a strong love for church, her friends, and her family.

Emily Glover, Writer

Senior Katie Arabie is passionate about church, helping those in need, and tutoring those who need help in math. Some of her favorite hobbies include drawing, reading, and painting. She is involved in the National Honor Society, UIL Accounting, and also in her church’s youth group. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, as well as going to church. She also occasionally babysits.

Katie describes herself as being encouraging and unconditionally loving toward her friends. She is often labeled as being the “mother” of her friend group. Arabie believes she could not live without Jesus, her family or her friends. Something on her bucket list would be going on a missionary trip.

According to Katie, the best part of her day is arriving home to her family after a long day and being able to play fetch with her dog. One skill that she would enjoy learning about one day is how to run a business. Someone who inspires Katie is Mauriceville Middle School Assistant Principal Heidi Strandberg because she helped with their church and also took in people who were displaced during Hurricane Harvey.

In ten years, Arabie would like to have a stable career in accounting and be happily married with three dogs. She said she may even go after a teaching degree so she can help the next generation find a love of knowledge as she does. She lives by the quote, “We are tomorrow, what we allow ourselves to think today. Keeping my thoughts on the lovely things of Jesus.”