Student leads in saying daily pledge


Trinity Norwood

Junior Mason Coppage contently works in his graphic design class.

Emily Glover, Writer

Many people often find public speaking difficult, due to the fear of being watched and heard by others. However,  junior Mason Coppage does not appear to have such fear and has proven this by speaking effortlessly in front of hundreds every day since the beginning of the school year.

Coppage has taken on a very important role in the school’s daily schedule by saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning through the school PA system. He was first introduced to speaking over the intercom just last year for the “Erase the R-Word” week. He bravely volunteered to take on the role and was not intimidated by speaking in front of others. Coppage can now successfully operate the PA system independently from the experience he has had every day. He honors this responsibility by being on time each morning to start the school day off for students and faculty.

He did so well Mrs. Smith suggested he continue,” Life Skills teacher Terrie Parker said. “He absolutely loves reciting the pledge every morning.”

Along with reciting the pledge, Coppage is also very involved in Team Force. He especially enjoys leading the team in their spirit chant after they finish practicing. He is also active in the Special Olympics by competing in many different sports such as basketball, bowling, track, tennis, and bocce. One of the sports that he favors the most is playing tennis. Not only is he a competitor in sports, but he also sings and participates in the choir. Coppage loves being in his graphic design class and takes pride in teaching others what he has learned in his sign language class.

“It is wonderful having Mason as a student,” Parker said. “He is a joy and works so hard to please his teachers. He always has a smile for us. He is our schedule keeper!”

Coppage was also nominated by his peers to be on the 2017 Homecoming court and said it was a blast being out on the field. When he is not at school, Coppage enjoys playing games such as Super Mario Bros 2 and also loves to do chores around the house – especially laundry.

“My favorite part about being able to teach Mason is his eagerness to learn,” Parker said. “He has grown as an individual in his two and a half years in high school. I am blessed daily by him and seeing his personality shine more and more. He touches my heart when he shows his joy when he accomplishes something new.”