New principal reflects on school year


Bayleigh Swanton

Mr. Loupe completes his first year as principal.

Bayleigh Swanton, Writer

Going into high school can be a scary and challenging thing – especially if you’re going to be the one in charge. With the school under construction, new teachers coming in, and the stress of running a high school, someone’s plate can fill up really quickly. But, Todd Loupe has managed to do it all and not only that, has done it all well during his first year as principal.

Loupe was able to ease into the new role as principal very quickly and make a seamless move into all the responsibility that comes with being high school principal as soon as he could. Loupe was formerly the principal at Mauriceville Middle School for eight years, and before that held the position of Assistant Principal at Little Cypress Junior High and the high school. At the end of this school year, Loupe will have spent 17 years in education. During these 17 years, he has always driven for the betterment of the students and has worked hard to find more efficient ways for them to learn and enjoy their years at the school.

“We want to make our school a place where students enjoy learning and attending,” Loupe said. “I think we have made progress but you do not ever feel like you’re there yet.”

High school is very different than middle school in almost every aspect. The students have more activities to be involved in, and with the combination of Mauriceville and Little Cypress schools, there are more students in a graduating class. High school is very fast paced and at the beginning can be a bit overwhelming for some. This is one challenge Loupe was faced with when he took on the role as principal. However, he quickly adjusted to the different environment.

We want to make our school a place where students enjoy learning and attending.”

— Todd Loupe

“I think the biggest challenge was getting used to the quick pace of LCM High School,” Loupe said. “It’s great to see all the many accomplishments our students have achieved.” 

One of Loupe’s favorite memories from this school year was the week of April 23, when the teachers and students moved into the new facilities. Another one of his favorite moments during his first year as principal was the Twitter campaign of “#WeWearItBetter” during the 2016 Homecoming week with the rival team Orangefield. The students took pictures wearing safety vests and it helped promote school spirit while making fun memories.

I think this set a fun tone for the school year,” he said. I want to create some fun traditions for LCM High School. I think with new facilities it will give us the opportunity to try some new things.”

With the completion of the new campus getting closer and closer, Loupe has many things he is looking forward to. He believes that the new campuses will give students many more learning opportunities and the students will be able to make more memories. While the new classrooms will be beneficial in many ways to the students, Loupe will never stop striving to do his best to make sure all the students reach their full potential.

“I’m looking forward to the completion of our facilities and all the opportunities it will provide our students,” he said. “I want to make sure that I’m always doing what’s best for our school. I have really enjoyed my first year as principal of LCM High School.”