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One of the original dance teams performs.

One of the original dance teams performs.

One of the original dance teams performs.

Riverdance Tour Comes to Orange

Riverdance is a popular stage show that is based on a type of Irish dancing called ‘stepdance,’ which involves very fast movements of the feet while the arms remain beside the body. It is an internationally famous spectacle and it is coming to Orange later this month.

Dancers in the tour take traditional Irish dance and incorporate it into the style of present day, intriguing all that watch it. This 20th Anniversary World Tour captures the same magic that it has previously brought across Europe and Asia, but brings more to North America.

The version that will be shown at the Lutcher Theater will include new costumes, lighting, and even a new dance number entitled Anna Livia. Anna Livia is described as “an acapella hard-shoe number” by the official website of the troupe,

The Riverdance touring company is made up of 55 dancers from all across the world. Ireland, the U.K., America, Australia, and Canada are all represented in this diverse team. Alongside the dancers are Irish musicians in the Riverdance Band, which provides the music for this spectacle, who showcase Bill Whelan’s award winning music. Meryl Streep, Brooke Shields, and Alan Rickman are only a few of the big-name stars who have been in attendance at various shows over the years.

The Lutcher is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the dance troupe. Wendy Elliot, administrative assistant of Lutcher Theater, is one of many whom cannot wait to experience Riverdance.

“The blend of Irish dance, music and song will be like no other show,” she said. “This show is world famous and very unique.”

Riverdance began at Eurovision in 1994 and has been wowing crowds ever since. The show that will premiere on Feb. 24, and continue to be shown on Feb. 25, has been 20 years in the making.

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