• Freshmen and JV football at home this Thursday

  • Football at HJ this Friday

  • Volleyball at Silsbee this Friday

The Bear Facts

“Ex Machina” is Lukewarm at Best

Jeffrey Holland, Ad Manager

May 13, 2015

Filed under Opinions

I recently saw the new feature “Ex Machina”, an ambitious science fiction endeavor approaching the questions of artificial intelligence and information. Essentially, a company reflecting the real world search engine and...

We’re All Artists

We’re All Artists

April 1, 2015

Technology Takes Over

Technology Takes Over

March 31, 2015

Staff Members Share Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Valen Elliott and JoLynn Homin

February 16, 2015

Filed under Opinions

Every February 14th, couples around the world celebrate Valentine's Day, known as the day of romance and love. They buy their significant others over the top gifts and go out of their way for each other. But where does this tradition...

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