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The Walking Dead Lives Again

Ethan Martin, Photo Editor

October 2, 2014

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Fans of AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" don't have much longer to wait for the Season 5 premiere. The show, which has had viewers on the edge of their seats since 2010, is about a group of survivors coming together and trying...

“Enders Game” Will Leave Readers Entranced, Entertained

Wendy Cates, Writer

May 22, 2014

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In "Ender’s Game" by Orson Scott Card, Earth is attacked twice by aliens, forcing the US government to take drastic measures in order to save the planet, even if that means including training young children in the art of war. In...

“Frozen” Movie Captures Audiences with Unique Story Line

Wendy Cates, Writer

February 7, 2014

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When thinking about Disney movies, one usually imagines the princess falling in love with the prince and living their happily ever after together. That is not the case with Frozen, an animated new movie produced by Disney and...

Technology Consumes Society

Morgan Collier and Wendy Cates

January 8, 2014

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We live in a world where anything can be found with the click of a button, friends and family members can be reached within seconds, and smart phones are constantly in the hands of everyone you see. Our society is consumed with...

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