Bear of the Week: Jacob Burman


Abigail Shelly

Senior Jacob Burman is on the Battlin’ Bear Football team and wants to be seen as a nice, helpful person.

Charlie Davis, Writer

Senior Jacob Burman is on the Battlin’ Bear Football team and enjoys hanging out with his family and reading his Bible.

Burman said that he looks up to his stepdad because he has always been there when he needed him and is always willing to help him out.

Burman said he strives to be an easy person to talk to and also tries to be an honest person who helps others out when they need it.

Jacob Burman is the real deal.”

— Jane Dunn

Burman’s favorite quote is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” because no matter what, God will always give him strength when he puts his faith and all he has into God. In his free time, Burman enjoys sitting in his recliner and watching TV or reading his Bible, and he is also pretty eager to duck hunt.

Some of the most important things in Burman’s life include his family, friends, and his dogs.

Burman said he really enjoys his government/economics class with coach Jake Nash.

“I can learn something new every day and he is an awesome person,” Burman said.

His favorite movie is “Back to the Future” and he loves the book “The Art of War.” Burman enjoys watching “One Tree Hill” on TV, as well.

“Jacob Burman is the real deal,” teacher Jane Dunn said. “He is a hard-working student and is one of the nicest young men I know. And he smiles all the time! I love having him in my class.”